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WZR: Imperial vs. Capitol (500 pts.)

Warzone: Resurrection

This part of the old factory was quiet. Abandoned years ago it was changing to a graveyard of machineries. A thick layers of rust and dust were covering every surface. Even his Blood Berets could not find any trace of their enemies. And such silence. It was disturbing. 

He didn´t know why his superiors picked this place for an advanced base. But they will get it. A sound of falling metal was like an explosion. "Be ready men. It seems we will have some fun in this forgotten tomb." 

So I am back with some new report. This time I will face my friend´s Capitol army (he had painted his models after 3 years). Because he does´t have all models for 500 pts list he had used some proxies (I hope you never mind it). I was trying to make pics only with painted models. 

MoW list: MacGuire, 5x Imperial Special Forces (infiltrate, ir googles, antipers ammo), 5x Blood berets, 3x Golden Lions.

Capitol list: The Blue Shark, 2x 6 Light Infantry and 3x Purple Sharks.

I won the initiative and deployed my forces. I was trying to be so close to objective marker as possible. My opponent placed his sharks on his right flank and my lions were waiting for them in stalk 

Turn 1: I moved forward taking cover behind big pieces of terrain. Only Macguire managed to shot his grenades. He killed 2 infantry-men. And then he was hit by returning fire (but lost only 1 wound).

Turn 2: I was securing my right flank. Golden Lions were moved to position so they could charge next round. But I wa s surprised by Purple shark´s mobility. They managed to reveal my stalking lions. Very surpising surprise. Forunatelly no one of them was killed. 

Turn 3: I won the initiative  and activated Golden Lions. Charge. And though my hitting rolls were incredible only one shark was completely destroyed. But I wasn´t without loses. Firefight on the right flank had cost me 3 ISF members and the blue shark have shot 2 blood berets himself.

Turn 4: I finished off the purple sharks and concentrated my remaining forces around the objective. Right flank was mine. The last infantry-man was shot to death. Then THE BLUE SHARK struck again. Summarry: 1 dead ISF member, 1 dead blood Berets and 2 wounds on MacGuire. I still had enough models within 8" of the objective than my opponent. So according to mission rules the game is over.

Final score - 15:0 for Imperial.
(+10 for primary mission and +5 for body counts)

Well at first. We made some mistakes. The biggest one was that we forgot that the sharks are flyers. So the lions would not be able to charge them. But never mind. Next time it will be better played. Anyway we have played the good game. And we are looking forward to next one. With huge capitol reinforcements I hope.

Right now I am making new additions to my forces: Sgt. McBride, 3x Grey Ghosts and 3x Barracudes. Thank you for reading.  I wish you a good gaming.

+++ Alessan +++

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