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Astra Militarum vs. Chaos: Space Marines (1.850 pts.) [ENG]

The Retribution

After long months of traveling through the warp, they stood on a firm ground again. It was a harsh ride, but they made it to their home. Or were it used to be. Cadia was gone. But her spirit not. The 715th Cadian Regiment was marching to the war. To avenge. To kill the most hated foe of all. Heretics. Traitors.

And they were waiting for them. Hidden in the ruins of an ancient city. Their movement concelead by a smoke from the previous battle. Commander Triek had spent hours looking over the maps of this part of city. Seven previous attacks. All had failed. And the High Command demands another one. 

"Send Old Mags to me." he said to his vox operator. "We are going to need his Helhound squadrons. We will burn that filth in their lairs." A plan was starting to form in his mind. When Old Mags come to speak with him, Triek was already smiling. "Hey old dog, I have a bet for you." 

Army list (CH:SM): Sorcerer in TDA, DP (tzeench), 6x Rubric Marines w/3 flamers in Rhino, 2x9 Cultists, 5x Occult Terminators, 2x Maulerfiend, 2x Helldrake, Predator w/LC and AC
Army list (AM): 3x CC, 2x Comissars, Tempestor, Tank Commander Exterminator w/3xHB, 4x10 IS w/melta, Scion Command 4x melta, 2x10 Scions w/4 plasmas, 5x ratlings, 2x Hellhound, 2x10 Rough  Riders, Executioner w/PC and Hydra
Mission - Tactical Objectives (3 on hand)
Deploy - Dawn of War
First Turn - Chaos: Space Marines (no seize)
Turn 1 (CH:SM): Ocul Terminator with prescience killed 17 consripts, then failed a charge to a Hydra. Helldrakes are realy fast now. A first one charged a unit of Consripts guarding the Tank Commander. One hellhound suffered a terrible damage from the Predator and is charged by the second drake (3W left after cc).
Turn 1 (AM): Consripts and Hellhound fell back so I could shot at the Helldrakes. I destroyed the first one with the shooting from a unit of Scions, the Tank Commander and 2 IS (one of meltas finished him off). Both units of riders sucessfully charged and wiped out cultists from the table. 
Turn 1 (AM): The second Helldrake is a hard target for the Executioner and the Hydra, so I had to shoot at him with Ratlings and rolled three 6 (of 4 hits). Drake had passed 2 armour saves and survived with a last wound. Undamaged Hellhound burnt 2 ocult terminators. With a second unit of  scions I tried to criple a Maulerfiend, but thanks to my poor rolling and 2 of 3 passed invul saves, it lost only a 2 wounds. To my surprise I hit a predator with the meltas and caused a damage of a 9 wounds.
Turn 2 (CH.SM): DP and Rubrics slaughtered the rough riders in a backfield. Scion command squad is reduced to the last survivor after the predator had shot at them. Scions are charged by the Maulerfiends (only light cassaulties). Helldrake burried its talons into the Executioner, but its shell was too thick. Sorcerer killed the last two consripts and Ocults termies shot at the Hydra and then charged it (lost 4W). 
Turn 2 (AM): Scions fell back from Maulerfiends and shot at them (back in the fight) with some sucess. Same the Hydra. Ocults termies are burnt by the Hellhound. Helldrake is finished by the second Hellhound. I moved the consripts with move move move order (they have advanced 21") behind the maulerfined to grab an objective. The surviving rough riders charged to slow down maulerfiend for a while. And ratlings ? Sorcerer lost 2 wounds. Scion command is destroyed as the last member of the unit died to the overwatch from the predator.
Turn 3 (CH:SM): Consripts = piece of cake for DP and Maulerfiend in close combat. The Tank Commander was hit by LC/AC and barely survived (2W left). Rubrics showed me their efectivity with flamers and 6 scions were turned to ash.
Turn 3 (CH:SM): Riders are to swift for the Maulerfiend (cannot hit them on 4+) but the same cannot be said of the Sorcerer who is trying to eliminate my last scions. Predator is not able to finish the tank commander, but it managed to eliminate the hellhound.
Turn 3 (AM): The Rhino sustained final blow from a concentrared fire of the IS and the Tank Commander. Another IS, AC hwt and the ratlings destroyed the maulerfiend. Sorcerer, no more locked in a combat with scions, became an another victim of the surviving hellhound.
Turn 4 (CH:SM): The Predator missed the Tank Commander with a last wound. All scions are destroyed by the DP and its deadly magic and the Hydra tasted its blade in a close combat but survived. The rubrics ran to an objective.
Turn 4 (AM): My last kill. Daemon Prince (warlord). Finished by the hellhound and melta from the IS.
Result: Astra Militarum 10 (8VP for tactical objectives, first blood and slay the warlord) : Chaos Space Marines 7 (7VP for tactical objectives).
Really funny game. A lot of killing happened on the board and I enjoyed it. Thanks to my opponenet. Looking for a next game.

+++ Alessan +++

My oponent had made a short video from the game. Unfortunately its not in English, but you can see a whole game in few minutes and there is not so much coments, armies introduction is better part of it

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