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WZR: Blood Berets

Warzone: Resurrection

Blood Berets - "The Last Sentinels"

Before first Venusian crusade, elders of Clan Korven have decided to form an elite group of warriors to protect whole clan from a dangers of their new found enemy - Dark Legion. 

The Last Sentinels
At first, groups of Blood Berets were formed to fight an endless minions of Dark Legion. Best clan soldiers filled their ranks and fought against terrors from a deep space. It was an idea of Krixus XII., to form a special group from a sole survivors of Blood Beret´s teams. This particular individuals always had difficulties to bond with their new squad members.

So the Edict Sentinelum was declared. Each "solitaire" (the last survivor of each blood beret´s squad) will join the ranks of The Last Sentinels. Together they will form elite formation of fighters to protect the highest priorities of the Clan against Dark Legion. 

United in hatred against enemy who killed all their previous brothers-in-arms, they form invaluable and potent last line of defence for the Clan. Highly specialized and highly dangerous. The strongest individuals, born survivors, trained killers. They cannot be stopped, because they don't know failure. 

Only the ruling head of the Clan know the exact numbers of The Sentinels. Their strength is changing during the centuries, from few dozens to several thousands. 

Motto: Victory or death !!!  (.. and victory achieved by any means necessary).

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  1. Good job! Great paintjobs.. Did you make the sentinels up, or is there some backgroung in the Mutant Chronicles?

    Either way great read and crazy unit