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WZR: Golden Lions

Warzone: Resurrection
Golden Lions - "Harvesters of Souls"

Each one of Harvesters is a living legend amongst the clan members. This unit, according to clan chronicles, is serving 500 years in a row, without being completely wiped out during  a single mission. Its members are hard as nails, born to survive any danger a galaxy can throw at them. But this attitude have cost them dearly. It is rumored that to join this elite band of warriors, you have to kill your own family members. 

And despite this, they are one of the most precious assets Clan Korven possesed. Without regrets, without remorse and without limits, they are able to accomplish any mission given to them by their superiors. If even a fraction of their deeds should be known to other Corporations, Clan Korven would except only one thing. The Obliteration.

Harvesters are nightmares made flesh. Ruthless warriors without morals. Always hungry for the kill. To see them in a heat of the battle, it is like an art of a carnage. Until their gaze fell upon you. Black hollow eyes will be the last thing you will see. The screaming of their nicknames, the last words you will hear. The Pain, The Terror and The Doom.

Reixar "The Pain"
Atrix "The Terror"
Kotrux "The Doom"

When children are bad and not obeying, parents use the old rhymes to scare them:

"They always come in a windy rain,
first of them is called THE PAIN.
Hope you wont make any error,
the next who is comming is THE TERROR.
Meeting them you will regret soon,
tha last to come is THE DOOM."

+++ Alessan +++

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