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WZR: Imperial vs. Bauhaus (500 pts.)

Warzone: Resurrection

Jarxi was upset. This mission is folly. They are here to fight and kill. Not to take care of some lost Wolfbanes. But order was clear. Find and bring back. Information gathered from wolfbanes´ survivors can change a tide of the battle. So Imperial corporation could not ignore them. 

But their superiors were not here, in this hellish jungle. Almost 90% moisture, an insects with a size of a man fist, a dense vegetation. And for what ? He slashed with his claws to clear a path and looked around. On the left flank, the squad of special forces was advancing. Harvesters were close too. He cannot see them through undergrowth but he sense them. There was no signs of blod berets´ presence. 

Suddenly his comm indicates incoming message. "We have a visual contact, sir." "Alright guys, let's make it quick." Jarxi responded. Sudden gunshot assured him it will be not quick nor easy.

We decided to go as simple as we can for our first game. To try a mechanics and its basic rules. 500 pts. armies and just primary mission, in this case number 9: Human resources. And we also decided to use only regular and pre-emptive strike deployment.  

MoW list: MacGuire, 5x Imperial Special Forces (IR googles, infiltrate), 5x Blood Berets (shooty), 3x Golden Lions.

Bauhaus list: Venusian Kapitan, 10x Hussars (2x MG-40 LMG, sharpshhoter), 5x Venusian Rangers (camo cloaks), 3x Armoured Hussar Juggernaut.

Bauhaus won initial ini roll and deployed Hussars with kapitan on a high ground on his right flank, rangers in the middle and Juggernauts on his left flank. I decided to put blood berets to the centre of table, with ISF on left flank and golden lions on the right. Macguire was between berets and lions to provide his fog buff to both units.

Turn 1: We mostly advanced to the centre of the table. The only one shooting model, MacGuire, killed 2 rangers.

Turn 2: Juggernauts tried to kill some blood berets, but  their shooting was innacurate and my armour impenetrable. Ont he other hand, my shooting wasnt better. I moved berets and isf close to the civilians so they will grab them in next turn. Lions were getting to position to make it to close combat with Juggernauts.

Turn 3: Before I could activate the fog ability, Hussars and Rangers managed to kill 4 of my berets (the last one took a civilian and retreated). Lions slaughtered Juggernauts in return (and it was an epic moment of the game). ISF managed to grab both civilians and started their return to deployment zone taking some casualties in progress.


Turn 4: Another moment of the game. Venusian kapitan tried to eliminate my ISF escorting civilians with his grenade launcher. But grenade missed and explosion killed not only my 2 remaining ISF members, but also both civilians.
I wont be able to escort remaining civilians with Lions and MaGuire so I decided to move them forward to provide distraction for enemies units. 
One lion was lost so far.

Turn 5: I finally win the ini roll and remaining Lions finished venusian rangers hiding in the jungle. Another lion was killed in firestorm of bullets. In the last act of defiance, macguire tried to kill Venusian kapitan in close combat, but enemy leader survived with the last wound. Only one civilian was saved by sole survivor of blood berets.

Thanks to the informations from Wolfbane soldier the conflict was ended in few weeks. Crushing victory was achieved for Imperial corporation. Because of rigid administrative structure a short message was delivered to Wolfbane HQ after few months. "Rescue mission failed. No survivors."

And the game ends.
Final score - 15:0 for Imperials 
(+10 for primary misiion and +5 for body counts).

It was realy good game. I like the mechanics and rules, changing activations are awesome. Looking forward to nex games (with more missions, deployment options and advanced card deck).
And sorry for blurry photos. 

+++ Alessan +++

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  1. Love the report!

    I like the low-point games, makes the army list much more interesting, I think.