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Astra Militarum vs. Tyranids (1.500 pts.) [ENG]

I realy love a mech-guard, so now I am trying to play it as much as possible. 
My army list (1.500 pts.):

HQ1: CCS (60), Kurov´s Aquila (60), bolt pistol (1), 3x melta (30), regimental standard (15) - [166] in Transport 1
HQ2: Tank Commnader (30), Pask (40) - [423]
- LR Punisher (140), lascannon (10), multi-meltas sponsons (20), dozer blade (5), relic plate (3)
- LR Punisher (140), lascannon (10), multi-meltas sponsons (20), dozer blade (5)
Troops 1: Veterans (60), 3x plasma (45) - [105] in Transport 2
Troops 2: Veterans (60), 3x plasma (45) - [105] in Transport 3
HS1: LR Executioner (155), heavy-bolter (0), plasma sponsons (30), dozer blade (5), relic plate (3) - [193]
HS2: LR Exterminator (130), heavy-bolter (0), heavy-bolter sponsons (20), dozer blade (5), relic plate (3) - [158]
HS3: 2x Wyvern (130), heavy-flamer (0), 2x dozer blade (10) - [140]
Transport1: Chimera (65), multi-laser (0), heavy-flamer (0), dozer blade (5) - [70]
Transport2: Chimera (65), multi-laser (0), heavy-flamer (0), dozer blade (5) - [70]
Transport3: Chimera (65), multi-laser (0), heavy-flamer (0), dozer blade (5) - [70]

My oponent brought a Tyranid list with monstrous creatures (1x Tervigon, 1x Tyranofex, 3x  dakka Carnifexes), 2x3 Warriors, Venmthrope, Zoanthrope and 1x Flyrant with TL devourers.

Mission - Maelstrom: Contact lost 
First Round - Tyranids
Nigh​t fight - Yes
Steal the​ ini - No
Deploy - my whole army was on the table. Tervigon and 2 Mucolid spores were in deep strike reserves.
Turn 1 (Tyranids): All MC advanced. I lost a few hull points on Chimeras.
Turn 1 (IG): I moved the armoured convoy a little and did some shooting. Pask with Chimeras almost killed one unit of Warriors (one remained with one wound left), Pask´s bodyguard completely destroyed another unit of Warriors (first blood for me). Exterminator managed to put 1W on Zoanthrope. Venomthrope survived a deadly bombardment from Wyverns with last wound. 
Turn 2 (Tyranids): Tervigon arrived (in a drop pod) and took 1HP from Pask´s bodyguard.  Flyrant dealt 2HP of damage to Exterminator and destroyed its main weapon. Rest of the shooting was mostly ineffective. In addition Flyrant and Tervigon got a FNP (5+) from Cataclyst spell.
Turn 2 (IG): Almost my whole army shot at tervigon, but amazing rolling for fnp (8 from 13) meant that Tervigon survived with last wound. Pity for me, I really wanted that creature dead. Wyverns finished off the Venomthrope.
Turn 3 (Tyranids): Tervion managed to wreck Pask´s LR with two hits from haywire template (two sixies for pen roll and two sixies for pen table result = -3HP). Thanks to the emperor that Tervigon failed to charge the remainnig leman russ. Rest of the shooting did nothing important.
Turn 3 (IG): Emergency plan. Both veteran squads got out from the chimeras and with the order Bring it down, they slew the Tyrant with plasma guns (Tyrant sat down in previous turn). The command squad took a last wound from Tervigon with the meltas. The leading Carnifex lost 2 wounds to Executioner´s plasma cannon.
Turn 4 (Tyranids): One squad of veterans was anihilated by shooting from the drop pod. Second one took cassaulties from the Carnifexes. One Chimera was destroyed by the charging Carnifex and exploded. Mucoled spores charged the Wyverns and managed to deal 1HP of damage to them. 
Turn 4 (IG): Remaining vets killed one Carnifex. Executioner put few wounds on another one. Second Carnifex was hiding on the objective in the forest and the third ran foward.
Turn 5 (Tyranids):The remaining squad of veterans did not survive the volley of fire from Carnifexes. 
Turn 5 (IG): Pask´s bodyguard moved to objective and killed the Zoanthrope.
Turn 6 (Tyranids): Tyranofex crushed both wyverns in close combat. Carnifexes destroyed commanding chimera, but did not manage to charge the disembarked command squad.
Turn 6 (IG): In return, my commad squad finished off one of the Carnifexes. Chimera and Pask´s bodyguard scored linebreaker. Last Carnifex survived with 2W. We made a roll for the 7th round but the game ended.

Imperial Guard - 8 (first blood, slay the warlord, linebreaker ans 5VP for tactical objectives)
Tyranids - 7 (slay the warlord, linebreaker and 5VP for tactical objectives)

Thank you for reading this battle report.
Hope you enjoyed it.

+++ Alessan +++

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