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Imperial Guard vs. Chaos Daemons (1.850 pts.) [ENG]

Hatred has filled him. Cadia. His Homeworld. Under the siege of traitors and daemons. He was preparing for such situation his whole life. As every single Cadian. And when the forces of the 13th black crusade attack, they were ready. Ready to meet them. Ready to fight them. Ready to crush them. 

They were fighting with the great enenmy since their childhood. On many battlefields. On many distant worlds. But this time it was different. The world they are defending is Cadia. 


(Autors note: this battle took part in the siege of cadia secundus, event described in book Fall of Cadia)

Deploy (IG): 40 Conscripts w/Priest, LR Demolisher, Plasma Vets in Chimera, 4x10 Infantry blob w/Priest , PCS w/heavy flamer, Basilisk, Wyvern, Pask (dual Punishers w/LC a MM), Hellhound w/augur array, 2x5 scions w/plasma (in reserves).
Deploy (CH:D): Soulgrinder, Pink Horrors, Flesh hounds, Plague Bearers, Nurglings, Plague drones, Kairos, Screamers w/Herald, Flesh hounds and Bloodthirster od inf.fury.
Deployment - Vanguard Strike
Mission - Cleanse and Control
First Turn - Chaos Daemons 
Turn 1 (CH:D): Daemon horde advance. In psychic phase, Kairos failed to cast cursed earth and few guardsmen are slain. Demolisher lost 1HP after it was hit by Soulgrinder´s bombardment.
Turn 1 (IG): I am not eager to go forward. Combined shooting from Pask, Wyvern and Basilisk almost wiped out unit of hounds, last one remained with 1 wound. Demolisher cannon penetrated armour of Soulgrinder, but I roll poorly for pen result and its ignored on 2+ roll. Chimera, after incredible shooting, took 2W from Kairos (3ML shots, 2 hits on 6, 1 unsaved and failed grounding test).
Turn 2 (CH:D): Wyvern and Basilsk are shaken after Kairos psychic shooting. Hellhound, set as bait in ruin, is destroyed by screamer´s armourbane attacks. Blob of guardsmen is charged by bloodthirster. Last hound took its overwatch and died. Consripts are hardly tested in the fight with second unit of hounds. Their role as meatshield for Demolisher was fulfilled.
Turn 2 (IG): Both units of scions arrived. Each one lost one plasma guy thank to gets hot. From 4 hits, I only manage to put one glance on Soulgrinder, and that was saved by invul save. 4 screamers are lost after shooting from Pask and his bodyguard (sometimes even 3++ save w/rerolls of 1 is not enough when you met such dakka).  Than I flat outed Basilsk and Wyvern in front of Pask to prevent screamers from charging them. Chimera is sucessfull again, and put another wound on Kairos. This time he passed the grounding test. In melee, I am losing guardsmen and conscripts, but they are making some damage in return and bloodthirster has lost few wounds and some hounds are killed.
Turn 3 (CH:D): Wyvern is destroyed by Kairos psychic shooting attack, and Pask´s bodyguard lost 1HP. In process, Kairos suffers perils and is removed from table (result for perils is 1, LD test = 4 a 6). Both units of scions are wiped out. Than screamers had charged and finished one Leman Russ. Blob is losing its fight after the charge of the plague drones. But fearless guardsmen managed to stay locked in combat. With some lucky roles Conscripts destroyed the last remaining hounds.
Turn 3 (IG): Another shooting from Pask and screamers and their herald are completely destroyed. Bloodthirster is stabbed to death with bayonets (conscripts with zealot and rerolls to wound are amazing). Nurglings survived shooting from basilisk. Soulgrinder is not so lucky and is destroyed by Demolisher shell.
Turn 4 (CH:D): Plague drones tried to stop chimera and it lost 2HP.
Turn 4 (IG): Consripts made another sucessfull charge and the existence of plague drones is finished. All of my vehicles are moving towards the remainng chaos units. 
Turn 5-6 (CH:D/IG): I tried to wipe out remaing forces of chaos, but poor rolling on my side means that some daemons unit survived and the game ends.
Imperial Guard 10 (8VP for tactical objectives, linebreaker, slay the warlord) : Chaos-Daemons 10 (9VP for tactical objectives, first blood).
It was amazing game with a lot of breaking moments. I want to thank my oponent for a wonderful w40k experience. Thanks.

+++ Alessan +++

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