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Army focus: Hydra


Have you seen a Hydra in a game of 40k during the last three years? I'd guess you haven't, and that is a pity. The Hydra is one of the most beautiful chimera-chasis based tanks you can have in your list. 7th edition was rough for Hydras due to their lack of hitting power and low armour (among others things). 

In the dawn of a new edition, however, their luck has changed. We may be looking at the best anti-air weapon in our army thanks to the new rules for flyers (and very expensive Vendettas!). Yeah, I know, there ARE Sabre Platforms from Forge World, but those aren't for everyone.

What I like most about the Hydra is a weapon called the Quad Autocannon. Basically, it's an autocannon with 8 shots. The icing on the cake is that it adds 1 to all Hit rolls made for this weapon against targets that can fly.

First try. My Hydra was destroyed in turn 1.
Torn apart with Ravager´s dark lances.

All Tau, Necron and Eldar (Standard, Dark, and Harlequin) vehicles have the Fly keyword, as do Jet bikes, Land speeders, Jump pack, and Jet pack units. This means Hydras have a much better chance to be useful as a part of your army- even if your opponent has no flyers in his roster. Still, you're hitting all other types of units on fives if you remain stationary.

Your mileage may vary, but I tried a pair of them in my last game. They carved a bloody path through some Necron Destroyers; hitting on 3s, wounding on 3s or 4s most of the time. I really enjoyed using them.

An useful lesson.
Two Hydras are so much better than one. 

In closing, I'll leave you with a fun but of trivia. A common tradition amongst the men of many regiments is to rap their knuckles against the hull of a Hydra before battle. This so-called ‘angel’s knock’ is performed in solemn silence, in hopes of invoking the vigilance in the Hydra’s machine spirit."

+++ Alessan +++

Note: Again big thanks to Clayton Guerry for editing.

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