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WZR: Imperial vs. Capitol (800 pts.)

Warzone: Resurrection

The day was a disaster. They were losing soldiers in their hundreds. Multiple breaches in the defensive perimeter. All preparations and successes have disappeared in few minutes. The one last push of Capitol forces was devastating. The order was issued. To fall back to old ruins. To endure until reinforcements will arrive. To survive.

A hunting team was here. His unit of Grey Ghosts had confirmed it just seconds ago. After 6 weeks of hiddng it is time to fight again. Adrenaline had flowed through his body. He was looking forward the fight. His claws had glimmered in a low light. Victory or death. As so many times ago. He stepped into the ruins.

After longer break it is time to some warzone action. Not against Bauhaus, my usual oponnent, but Capitol. I was looking forward this game cause my friend made a nice painting progress with his army. 

Imperial list: McBride, MacGuire, 5x ISF (personel ammo), 5x ISF with 2 mastifs (personel ammo), 3x Grey Ghosts, 3x Golden Lions, 3x Barracudas.

Capitol list: Blue Shark, Cpt. Thomas, 2x6 light infantry, 5x Free Marines with missile launcher, 5x Martian Banshees, 3x Purple Sharks.

We are playing Reconnaissance with Quarters deployment. I won the initial initiative roll and deployed my isf units in my deployment zone with MacGuire to back them up. Lions are in stalk and blood berets took the building on my right flank. Ghosts are deployed in the ruins. Barracudas will use rapid deployment.

My opponents deployment is full of a light infantry. Free Marines took positions in the devastated cathedral. Banshees and Sharks will come later.


I started with my unit of ISF which have advanced in to the middle of the board. Then light infantry have moved and took shots on some visible berets but no damage was taken.

Ghosts and Berets killed 5 marines in return. It was enough for my opponent and he had called for cavalry support. Sharks arrived. Their grenades with combination of flank deployment are fantastic. But thanks to my save rolls (I passed 12 of 13) only one of my berets was lost. I underestimated movement ability of the sharks and my stalked lions were revealed too early. I am not so lucky with their armour rolls and 1 is killed and both remaining ones had only last wound left.

As a reaction to sharks I bring Barracudas to support my colapsing flank. But I only managed to put 1 wound to two locations of the leading one.


Initiative goes to Capitol. Sharks are moving forward. Their shooting destroyed my ISF unit and one lion. I decided to clean up my right flank so light infantry is decimated with combined fire of the berets and barracudas.

Screaming in the sky. Banshees have arrived. Blood Berets with McBride are lost in bloodsheding. Last Lion charged and killed on of the Banshees. But he is alone and outnumbered.

On my left flank I lost ISF with mastiffs thanks to the perfect performance of Free Marines. Grey Ghosts took vengeance upon them and only one marine survived, hiding in behind crates.


Initiative goes to Capitol. MacGuire is charged by Blue Shark but survived unscathed. Barracudas concentrated their fire on Banshees. Only one survived. 

Long story short. Golden lion - killed by sharks. Barracudas - killed by sharks. Grey Ghost - ripped apart by Banshee.


Initiative goes to Capitol. MacGuire was torn apart. I managed to shot down last remaining banshee with sniper rifles. My opponnet moved to positions. I ended with last two models on the table .


Capitol 20 (+10 primary mission, +5 body count, +5 killing army comm with army comm) : Imperial 0

It was really good game. I love an infantry based army. But my infantry has limited options to face vehicles. Especially flying vehicles which  i cannot charge with lions or berets.

I think its time to assemble heavy duty machines - Hurricane Walkers. Or made up another unit of barracudas. Frankly, Lions are losing their momentum from my first games and I am starting to rely on my Barracudas. Their grenades are awesome against infantry.

And I definitely need more Berets. I have prefered combat variant with chainrippers but now I realy like shooting version too. They are very reliable.

That brings the matter to ISF. I am trying to keep them as cheap as possible to fill my deplyoment zone with them. But maybe its time to kit them up with hmg chargers/belchers and play them more agressively (through rapid deployment). I have to think about it.

Thank you for reading.

+++ Alessan +++

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