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Dark Angels / Ultramarines vs. Chaos: Space Marines / Khorne Daemonkin (3.000 pts.) [ENG]

The Siege

+++ Priority Transmition: Coding/Delta/Rouge +++
+++ Recipient: Chapter Master Thyrael +++
+++ Subject: Report +++
+++ Author: Chaplain Zophael +++
+++ Thought for the Day: A single thought of heresy can blight a lifetime of faithful duty. +++

Order of Battle: Dark Angels / Ultramarines
Order of Battle: Space Marines / Khorne daemonkin

Zophael clenched his left fist. The forcefield responded immediately. Bluish light enlightened his armour and gave it even more menacing look. The strike was stopped by a solid layer of concrete. Body of his victom twitched one last time. Mixed residues of helmet and geneticaly modified tissue were slowly flowing into a small crater under the limp body. Nothing remained
now in the place, where a face of mutated marine leered from a damaged helmet. 
He straightened up, assessing a situation on the battlefield. The enemy was retreating. Members of his company were destroying last remmants of the attack. Suddenly a strange shadow shrouded his position. "Defence formation. Get ready for another attack. It will not take long and they will return. In greater numbers." His words were pointed to a approaching figure. He didn´t look back. He knew that the newcomer was not a threat to him. Veteran sergeant Gyrdion took a position by Zophael´s side, watching the surroundings. Jump pack jets on his back were cooling down after last jump.

"We have received a message from the comnanding officer. Positions of Guillimans ´s sons were exposed to the heaviest assault but they hold the groundHowever it is not certain for how long. The high command asks for reinforcements for their positions." Tactical display of his helmet showed him a disposition of the battle brothers from Swords of Ultima Chapter. He immediately understood why the task of defending this part of city was given to them. They cannot afford to lose it. Should it fall, a way to the heart of the city would by opened to the enemy.

"I shall lead reinforcements by myself. Squads Rufael, Aisekar and Thifijus. My squad of veterans, too. Will you join me ?" Sergenat coldn´t mishear a challenge in the chaplain´s question. With smile, Zophael knewing was apperaring on sergeant´s face even with his helmet hiding it, he answered. "With honour. As always." 

Deploy - Dawn of War
Mission- 5 objectives, each side scores 1 VP for each objective it holds at the end of the turn
Night fight - No
First round - DA/UM
Steal the initiative -No
Turn 1 (DA/UM): We moved slightly forward. We know the strength of enemy is in close combat so we are trying to avoid it for as long as possible. Devastators and Land Speeders did some damage to Maulerfiends. Rest of the shooting then klilled just one Bloodletter. One rhino flated out to objective in forest. Bait was set. 
Turn 1 (Chaos): In distance you can see the charging Maulerfined. He made it to close combat even if it required roll of 11".
Turn 1 (Chaos): Everything is moving forward. Rhino was destroyed by Maulerfiend after few misses with meltas. Disembarking tactical squad was then pinned in process. Charging maulerfiend was destroyed by chainfist, one wound alocated to terminators was stopped by invul save. At last havocs put 2 glance and 5 pen hits on the land speeders. Thank to the ravenwing rule (rerolling jink saves) none damage is taken.
Turn 2 (DA/UM): Veterans in rhino destroyed one maulerfined in the centre of the table with meltas. Yellow one at the bottom lost 2HP to devastators lascannons.
Turn 2 (DA/UM): Tigurius manifested a new spell for SM and tactical squad is moved forward 18". Suddenly in melta range, Soulgrinder could not stand devastating fire from anti-armour guns and is destroyed. Assault marines charged raptors and forced them to flee from close combat. Terminators managed to charge another Maulerfiend, one of them is taken down in process. Than chain fist strikes again and the deamonic engine is finished.
Turn 2 (Chaos): Again forward. Bikes missed with both melta guns and even with krak grenade. Devastators are locked in combat with the last Maulerfiend.
Turn 2 (Chaos): Maulerfiend lost a one HP to devastators krak grenades. It should be its last one, but we forget to roll ITWND, so after rollin it, it received additional HP. Two rhinos. are lost in enemy attack. Disembarked tactical squad is charged by Deamon prince, but they stood firm. Our left flank is colapsing. 
Turn 2 (Chaos): A situation on the right one is better. DA tactical squad is charged by Bloodletters, but nothing serious happened.
Turn 3 (DA/UM): Devastators are murdered by deamonic engine, one after another. Same situation is in the close combat with the deamon prince. Veterans with chaplain killed few possesed. Kharns rhino is wrecked and everything is fired at his now disembarked unit. As a result only Kharn remains with just 2W left. Assault squad is moving forward eager to kill something.
Turn 3 (DA/UM): Another moving spell by Tiggurius. Ultramarines are moving forward, supported by Land Speeders.  Right flank is ours. There are only few bloodletters on this side of the table to kill  and I hope DA tacticals could do the job alone
Turn 3 (Chaos): Kharn is retreating. As far as possible from a bolter range. Bikes are regruping in the cover provided by terrain. Maulerfined finished off devastators. UM devastators are charged by dogs with jugglord. They lost combat, didnt pass LD test, no sweep and they stopped runnig 1" from the table edge. Chaplain and his squad is charged by possesed, but I managed to pass all my armour saves and than chaplain showed them how to use the power fist.
Turn 4 (DA/UM): From the last rhino tactical squad disembarked. And shot everything they got to Kharn. As you can see, there is no Kharn on the table now. Next target - khorne dogs. Devastators, land speeders, assult squad shot at them.
Turn 4 (DA/UM): Rest of the unit is then charged. Assault squad sergeant is choped down by lightning claw.On the other side I managed to kill the remaining dogs with chainswords.
Turn 4 (DA/UM): Right flank is secured.
Turn 4 (DA/UM): Now only few chaos units remanis. Some bikes, deamon prince and chaos lord.
Turn 4 (Chaos): Bikes are trying to push on the right flank. Their effort is worthless. Lord is slicing assault marines with the claw. UM devastators are charged by deamon prince and they managed to stand in close combat.
Turn 5 (DA/UM): Bikes are wiped out by sheer volume of a bolter fire. Chaplain with veterans are going to help UM devastators with the deamon prince. So they charged. Devastator sergeant is killed in the challange with rest of his unit. And then veterans with chaplain strikes back. Last wound is taken by chaplains power fist. Epic ending.
Turn 5 (Chaos): The remains of the assault squad are destroyed with the chaos lords lightning claw. Nothing else happened. We are rolling to see if the battle continues. And it is over.
Dar​k Angels / Ultramarines 10 (linebreaker, slay the warlord, 8VP for objectives) : Chaos-Space Marines / Khorne Daemonkin 9 (first blood, linebreaker,​ 6VP for objectives)
The game was super fun, with epic moments on both sides. Big thanks to all playe

Zophael looked around reviewing the outcome of the battle. Destroyed transports will be replaced. Dead battle-brothers not. Nearby Apothecary Venstile was finishing the care of sergeant Gyrdion´s body. Chaplain found his body immediately after battle, with the prayer to the Emperor for sergeant´s soul on his lips. How great was his surprise when he found out that the mutilated body is still showing signs of life - if sus-an coma could be described as „life“. It will take weeks if not moths to cure the horrible wounds. Missing limbs will be replaced with augmentics. Only scars will remain. But not all of them can be treated in Apothecarion. It will be Zophael´s duty to heal the inner ones. He was certain, the sergeant will eventually make it. They knew each other since basic trainig and climbed up the ranks together. From certain point, everybody took his own path, but still side by side. 

He walked toward the leader of the Swords of Ultima. Epistolar Varus was occupied in a conversation with another librarian who took part in the battle. His tall figure was impossible to overlook amongst his brothers. Aura of confidence was surrounding him as another layer of armour. Zophael knew, what are those touched by warp capable of in the midst of the battle. According to the report received from the pilt of one Land Speeders, he was one of the pillars of the defense. When Chaplain approched him in few steps distance, he ended the conversation and suddenly turn in his direction. "Always vigilant." Zopheal thought. 

Looking at the librarian´s forehead he was suprised. There were three glimming metal studs. Badges of honour. Sign of the sevice to the Emperor. In this case the long one. Zophael stepped closer and as a tribute bowed his head slightly. "Chaplain." librarian´s voice sounded too young for his age. "The enemy has been defeated. We can conclude that they wont attack very soon after this confrontation. They suffered high losses." Zophael answered the unspoken question. 

"In the name of my chapter I want to thank you for your help. It is appreciated according to our thinnig lines. Reinforcements are on their way. Two full battle commpanies of my brothers." librarian continues the conversation. Words of reinforcements reminded the chaplain of another duty to fullfil. 

Zophael actived the recording device. Encrypted message started to be recorded. Its content wasn´t long, but its significance was immense. Only the Lion´s descendant could understand its meaning. Chaplain took a deep breath.

"My Lord, target is confirmed and identified."

With these words he recalled the moment from the last battle. He saw him only for a fraction of second. Pattern of armour and ancient ornaments seemed familiar to him. The only thing that was not correct was its colour. Chaos space marines sergeant turned in his direction only for a short moment, he reflexively reacts to movement in his vicinity. In his hand a blade flashed. Unusual sword, different from all others. Special one. One that could be carry only by one person. 

"Commander Tizrael is located. Send the Deathwing."

+++ Alessan +++

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